Wilbur Wright

Athletic Hall of Fame

Athletic Hall of Fame Inductees

The Wilbur Wright Athletic Hall of Fame was created in 2013 to honor former school athletes for outstanding achievement. Its purpose is to perpetuate the memory of those persons who brought honor, distinction and excellence to Wilbur Wright in athletics.  A Charter Class of 27 members established the foundation for future inductees. Their performance stand as testimony to the rich history that athletics played in the education of Wilbur Wright students and of their pursuit of excellence both on and off the field.

The Wilbur Wright Athletics Hall of Fame grew out of the work of a committee created and chaired by Don "Monk" Meineke which began work in April 2013. The committee members recognized the challenges, especially that of selecting the early classes. The inventory of outstanding  competitors was daunting, however, with significant research and considerable discussion the selection committee was able to provide a slate of inductees that represented 42 years of school athletics. The Committee firmly believed the celebration of its athletic legacy to be an important part of the schools glorious history. It was fiiting that the first induction dinner was in memory of Don Meineke, who left his legacy both on and off the field.

Hall of Fame Nominations

The Wilbur Wright Athletic Hall of Fame nomination process is open to everyone. We welcome and encourage your participation with worthy candidates. Please review the criteria listed below and then submit your nomination to the committee through Dave Swartz '56. Your submission should include as much factual information as possible about the individual. Nominees may be contacted to request more information if needed.


  • Distinguished themselves with WW athletics as an athlete.
  • Documented record of performance while a WW student.
  • Awards can be made posthumously.
  • Promoted good will for and enhanced the image of the School.


The committee is made up of former varsity athletes.


The nomination committee accepts nominations throughout the year. The committee meets each April to review the new nominations along with those already on the list. The committee  recommends a group of finalists from which the year's inductees are selected later in the spring. Inductees are notified in writing shortly thereafter. The Hall of Fame Induction Dinner is held each year in late October.

Thank you for participating.