Wilbur Wright

Athletic Hall of Fame

  Don Meineke
  Class of 1948



Don “Monk” Meineke, University of Dayton and NBA star wasn't happy that Kiser, Stivers, and Chaminade High Schools had Athletic Hall of Fame Programs while his alma mater, Wilbur Wright, did not. So Monk formed and chaired a committee with members Andy Winchek, Phil Mattingly, Jerry McElfresh, and Dave Swartz, to remedy the situation. Don unfortunately was unable to see the benefits of his Committee’s work due to his untimly death in September, 2013. However, his vision and sense of purpose drove the Committee, chaired by Dave Swartz,  to complete his endeavor. It is why we now have an Athletic Hall of Fame for Wilbur Wright High School.

Every effort was made to eliminate any bias in the selection of the charter member athletes. The Committee researched old newspaper microfilm, Wilbur Wright Pilot newspapers, asked challenging questions, and then weighed the evidence. Each Committee member nominated 7 candidates and then voted for the top 25. Did we get it exactly right? That would be impossible.

But please consider this: In this inaugural class, the Class of 2013, we were not just selecting deserving athletes; we were trying to select the TOP 25 athletes in the 42 year history of our school based strictly on their performances while at Wilbur Wright. Due to a 3-way tie for the 25th member, the Committee expanded the Charter Class to 27. Those missing the cut in 2013 will be prime candidates for the Class of 2014 inductees.

    The Wilbur Wright Athletic Hall of Fame Committee
                                  November, 2013