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Wilbur Wright High School located at 1361 Huffman Ave in east Dayton, Ohio opened its doors as a high school in 1940. The school was named after one of the famed Wright Brothers who  were also products of the Dayton School System. Until 1982, when it became a Junior High School, its students were challenged intellectually and provided a moral compass that established  a strong foundation for future successes in all walks of life.

The Class of 1956 was one of those classes with its own unique contributions that built on  past school traditions. Whether  through  academic achievements, social responsibilities, sportsmanship, or just social activities each class member made a difference both within the school environment as well as the community at large.

That sense of success, starting as an acorn during those formative school years, continues today as we the students of yesterday continue to make a difference within our families, our local communities, and our country. We also remain committed to the friendships cultivated at Wilbur Wright which have endured a lifetime.

The school's principal, Jay William Holmes, best summed up the school's philosophy during graduation ceremonies: 



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