Why do people like to wear the local tyrants re-engraved copy watches?

In fact, the world do not leave a few replica watches uk, the quality of domestic imitation can also be ranked on the number, especially the N plant a class. Generally speaking from the grade of the Chinese imitation goods broadly divided into three categories: The first is a garbage cargo, a few hundred dollars, the work is very rough, free conversion, the original authentic only three needles, he put forward a personality of your four needles, a single calendar for you into a double calendar, no drilling Of the full set to you are "drill", the so-called artificial zircon! Many movements are made with low-end movement! Low - end watches, the movement of the domestic low - end The second category is to do in accordance with the authentic look, the work is much better than the first class, jerry-building situation is not much, that is, the details of the case, metal wire drawing, polished polishing these aspects are shortcomings, Movement, and some equipment Swiss machine (assembly watches), the watches accounted for the vast majority of the market! One thousand two thousand, two thousand or three thousand are normal, after all, the assembly of a Swiss watch movement is not cheap, 2892 movement in 2000 yuan, 7750 movement in the 3000-4000 yuan, 6497 movement in 1000-2000 yuan, These are just the price in the past, and now the Swiss movement factory is not directly to China, the domestic movement of the business to see the machine fried high prices, resulting in movement prices soared, (6497 movement is now basically not domestic Goods, the price is not expensive, that is, the Swiss ETA movement does not supply to the Chinese factory, unless you buy a genuine rolex replica watches, such as commonly used 6497 movement of the Italian brand Panerai, casually a price of tens of thousands of watchess! ) ADVERTISEMENT The third category is the perfect engraved version, is a very subtle domestic manufacturers to do, is said to be the former Guangdong watch factory behind closed doors to do, because if it is private, then it is impossible to make many watch enthusiasts such as crazy Mad state. When the first development of China's watch industry, the state funds from Switzerland imported 120,000 Swiss watchmaking equipment, of which half to the Guangdong, part of the distribution to Shanghai, part of the Tianjin, to today, the development of Shanghai Shanghai watch factory, Tianjin developed into today's familiar seagull watch factory, and Guangdong is the development of today's world's largest distribution center for watches and clocks, where the gathering of China's most high-end watchmaking technology, the most expensive watches, and the most expensive Maintenance of the master watchmaker skills are the highest here. The plant, code-named NOOB factory, also known as N plant, and Japan's RXW and Italy, like the TMF factory, in accordance with the authentic one to open a model engraved, the process can be described as a must, whether from the case of polishing, Drawing, or dial finish, flatness, and the crown and case fit, are doing very perfect, which also features a lot of models are luminous features, and the luminous powder is not stingy a bit , Are imported from Switzerland, the effect is very sharp at night, to maintain a long time, usually in 13 hours or so! N plant to do the most mature watch is Panerai does not reveal money, it was to counter for the master identification, the master did not see it is false! Perhaps some people do not believe, then I do not believe, I took a piece of their own try, the results just got later, you can say for sure, seen so many imitation watches, seen so many true watches, so Said that the N version of the replica watches is the imitation watches to do the most extreme, even more than a lot of middle and low authentic watches. ADVERTISEMENT Of course, N plant watch some of the components inside there will be differences or improvements, such as: [Patch P9000] is the principle of Shanghai 7750 (including Dandong 7750) with a screw above the top layer Camouflaged into a metal patch P9000 deck. He did not make any sense to the actual function of the watch. Just play the purpose of imitation appearance. He has also gone through several versions. The original shock absorber version of the colorless screw and the current version of the shock absorber 2 blue steel screws. Here we look at a comparison chart, ZF386 chip P9000 compared to the genuine G 386P9000 self-movement. I do not know why the Noob version of the watch is very popular in foreign countries, and in China, this watches is still very difficult to market sales, after all, China is a very harmonious, orderly, basic comprehensive well-off country! I play from the watches to play today, N Edition engraved watches, understand a truth, if holding a play mentality to contact the watch, N is the only choice. True watches is not necessarily good, imitation watches is not necessarily bad, that happened in my side of things, the last time a friend wearing a genuine Vacheron Constantin to drink, during the big drink accidentally knocked the watches Mongolia bad, and later sent Original maintenance, tossing back and forth for two months spent more than ten thousand dollars, this egg pain thing is estimated to make a lot of play watches people depressed to the extreme. ADVERTISEMENT Friends may be very disdain that, N version is not imitation watches! I have to tell you one thing, in some foreign watch forums, such as RWI and RWG Forum, N version is foreigners called Rep Watch, rather than simply Fake! When foreigners can be made on the things that respect, we have any reason to blame it? Although such a watches is an insignificant thing, but it is Noob factory after all, the first to put aside whether he violated intellectual property rights to talk about his craft and technology, is absolutely not lost in the genuine Tissot, US degrees, seagulls and so on! By the way H-Maker, which is the H version of the watches, the whole or not as good as Noob watch to do good, but not absolute! This is my personal watch some of the views, watch the water is very deep, take a long time to learn to study!