There once was a teacher at Wilbur Wright who loved parties. Mr. C had a charge account at all the best restaurants and drank only the finest booze. On Friday nights, he engaged in an adventure called "The Great Circle Route." Several Wilbur Wright teachers who considered themselves experienced party people occasionally tried to keep up with him on one of these excursions, but always were sent by cab before they'd finish the trip.

Mr. C was well set, a gourmet cook, a connoisseur of fine wine, and gave parties that can  only be described as fabulous.  He was the perfect host and was always concerned about the comforts and needs of his guests. When this unusual individual retired his friends at school decided to give him a send off that he would remember for a long time. Both teachers and retired teachers, as well as friends and former students were invited to a roast to honor this man who had such a positive influence over the activities at Wilbur Wright for twenty eight years. He did not want it to be dull or boring. Mr. C even offered to pay for an orchestra to play at his own roast. He was still the perfect host.












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