Doug James  7/15/14

Update 9/15/14

Doug is now home and doing well.

Update 7/28/14

       Ron Vincent  stopped to see Doug, he seems to be in less pain and is doing well. He is in Oak Creek
       South for rehab.

       Doug has had many back surgeries and fell after the most recent one He is going in for surgery this
       Friday. Wish him better luck and a prayer. He is in rehab now at Oak Creek

Dave Padgett 6/27/14

Update 9/15/14

 Dave has been fitted with prosthesis and is planning on coming to class reunion this week end.

Update 6/27/14

Dave Swartz and Ron Vincent visited Dave Padgett today. He had surgery on his right knee and is hoping to go home end of July.
Wishing him LUCK


Dave Padgett was in a serious auto accident and continues to make slow progress in rehab. Dave
      is  expected to be in rehab until the end of May. Pat Settles saw one of his daughters this morning 
      (May 2), and he is doing better than expected.